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You shouldn’t have to pay to receive your payments. Discover how your business can keep every dollar it earns with our Dual Pricing Program.

Stop paying to get paid!

With our Dual Pricing Program your listed prices reflect the cash payment amount. When a customer is paying with a card our systems automatically adjusts for credit purchases to include the processing fee. Card transactions benefit from an instant discount. 

Customer Service

Building relationships is our topmost priority.

Low Cost

Ensuring minimal costs for all payment acceptances.

No Contracts

Customers stay due to quality service and affordability.

What is Dual Pricing?

The rise of Dual Pricing Programs in 2020 stemmed from both businesses seeking cost efficiencies and consumers wanting flexibility in payment choices. Today, we champion Choice-Driven Transactions.

The Challenge

Businesses either shoulder card fees, leading to price increases, or they absorb the cost, affecting profit margins.

Our Solution

Empower both consumers and businesses with choice. Consumers decide their payment method and businesses decide how to present these choices, either integrated into the price or as a distinct line item. The essence is choice, a principle solidified through various legal rulings.

Join the league of savvy businesses benefiting from our 0% payment processing transaction program.

Industries We Serve


Embark on seamless payment journeys. We offer streamlined solutions tailored for the dynamic world of travel and tourism.


Navigate the unique challenges of the CBD market with our tailored, compliant, and secure payment solutions.


Serve with excellence. Our payment systems are designed to match the pace and passion of the hospitality sector.


Prioritize patient care. Our secure and efficient payment solutions cater to the demands of healthcare professionals.

Beauty & Wellness

Enhance the glow of business. With us, beauty and wellness brands receive seamless payment integrations.

Lawn & Garden

Grow your green business with our efficient payment solutions, curated for lawn and garden enterprises.


Navigate the digital market with confidence. We ensure swift, safe, and smooth transactions for e-commerce platforms.


Drive business success with streamlined payment solutions designed for the fast-paced automotive sector.


Explore our comprehensive range of gateways, point-of-sale systems, terminals, and shopping cart solutions tailored for seamless transactions.

Steve Warren
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As a small business owner, it's important to support local as much as possible. Misty has been my go-to for card processing for a while now, glad to follow her to her new company. She's always great to work with, and I know she takes care of the payment side of things, so that I can keep my focus on running my shop. I'd highly recommend anyone with a business look into Gold Star Payments!
Victoria Lawson
Victoria Lawson
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Misty is very professional, and her passion for serving others is crystal clear. She treats your money & business as her own with the utmost ethics and attention to detail. I also love how she supports other business professionals along with our beautiful Boise Community! She is a class act lady all the way, and I personally recommend Gold Star payments 🙋‍♀️
Cashen Smith
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Misty is the Best! Very Personable, she is always providing the Best Service Possible. Answers any questions about her companies process. And provides the best Training so you can provide for your Customers. Gold Star Payments is hands down beyond a 5 star review.
John Wolff
John Wolff
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Misty and her team have put together a merchant services package that is second to none. They are absolutely great to work with. Let them show you how to save your business money . You'll be glad you did.
Ben Egbert
Ben Egbert
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Spending 25 years in Food and Beverage I can say it is a must for any company looking to save time and money. No longer will you have to spend half a day on the phone tracking down a customer's information to try and collect payment. This makes it easy to not only collect payment information, but also help stop those that charge, then dispute it later and walk away with free product while you are out. The patented software is nothing short of amazing. Misty is one of the very best people around. She knows the system inside and out. On top of that she is one of the most caring people you will ever have a chance to meet. It is exactly the person I want in my corner no matter if it is business or personal.
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas
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If you want to work with someone who will care about your business as much as you do, work with Misty. She’s thorough and honest. It’s worth your time to take a meeting with her.

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